Moonbow Falls

Founded hundreds of years ago to celebrate the union of dwarf, elf, and human, the Jalar Tazarak Commune was warded from evil by the laborious efforts of wizards and clerics from all three races. The elvish word “Jalar” and the dwarvish word “Tazark” both mean something like “unity,” “union,” or “community.” Founded at Moonbow Falls, the commune has over the years boasted a monastery and academy. Its patron deity has been Sehanine Moonbow, who has in years past blessed efforts at harmony among the races.

Since the Spellplague of nearly 100 hundreds ago, however, the fortunes of the Commune have faltered. Sehanine disappeared, but, Caelynn Holimon, an elven astronomy scholar in the Commune’s academy mysteriously predicted that Sehanine would return when the moonbow appeared at Highharvestide Moon, the night a full moon coincides with the Highharvestide Festival. While the moonbow has continued to appear at regular intervals, the few times the full moon occurred on the day of Highharvestide, cloud cover or rain prevented the appearance of the moonbow. Each year that the two coincide, fewer and fewer people come to see the moonbow, and almost no one believes that Sehanine will return. Most people believe Sehanine was simply the elven or fey aspect of the human moon goddess Selune. The few existing followers of Sehanine have nothing against Selune, but insist the two goddesses are distinct entities. Interestingly, the prophetess Holimon claims she has no opinion on the matter, saying she isn’t necessarily a religious person but that she is a seeker of knowledge wherever it can be found.

To further the Commune’s problems, as the troubles of the Spellplague hit, all the dwarves in the Commune left for their homes, saying their main responsibility is to defend their homeland rather than to dally with other races. A tiny number of individual dwarves have returned under various circumstances, but the long ago dream of mass cooperation among the three races has faded. In addition, the magic warding the Commune is fading, without sufficient numbers of wizards and clerics from all three races to fuel the protective magic.


The symbol of the town, seen above, is roughly what the commune would look like from above, with towers at the three endpoints and curved paths leading through the Commune. This year is one of those years in which the full moon will fall on Highharvestide. Divination wizards have predicted clear skies, and more people than usual have assembled in tents outside the walls of the Commune to see what may occur. The Commune welcomes these people, whether they be tourists or pilgrims.

Among them, are a few friends of a dwarf name Diesa Dankil, who about a year ago, appeared at the Commune, putting herself in its service. She and her friends are gathered in the ale tent to sample a recent brew of hers, Dankil Dark.

Notes can be seen on the tent’s bulletin board, and entertainment for the upcoming nights are advertised on a placard near the bar.
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Moonbow Falls